Australian movie stars died at 72

Here are 8 famous actors from Australia died at 72:

John Lee

John Lee (March 31, 1928 Launceston-December 21, 2000 Melbourne) was an Australian actor.

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Gordon Piper

Gordon Piper (June 3, 1932 Cheltenham-September 19, 2004 Sydney) a.k.a. Gordon Stephen Piper was an Australian actor, theatre director and screenwriter. He had two children, Kerrin-Gai Piper and Kim Piper.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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J. P. McGowan

J. P. McGowan (February 24, 1880 Terowie-March 26, 1952 Hollywood) also known as Mac, John Paterson McGowan, Jack, Mac MacGowan, Jack MacGowan, McGowan, J.P. MacGowan, Jack McGowan, John P. McGowan, John McGowan, J. P. Mc Gowan or J.P.McGowan was an Australian screenwriter, film director, actor, film producer and stunt performer. He had five children, Kaye McGowan, Stuart E. McGowan, Dorrell McGowan, Roxana McGowan and Molly McGowan.

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Snub Pollard

Snub Pollard (November 9, 1889 Melbourne-January 19, 1962 Burbank) also known as Harold H. Fraser, Harry "Snub" Pollard, Harold Fraser, Harry Pollard, The Keystone Kops, Peewee Pollard, Harry 'Snub' Pollard, Harry Fraser, Pollard, Harold Fraser Pollard or 'Snub' Pollard was an Australian actor and comedian.

He died caused by cancer.

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Fred Conyngham

Fred Conyngham (June 8, 1901 Sydney-May 8, 1974 Australia) also known as Frederick Conyngham was an Australian actor.

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Murray Matheson

Murray Matheson (July 1, 1912 Casterton-April 25, 1985 Woodland Hills) also known as Sidney Murray Matheson was an Australian actor.

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Willie Fennell

Willie Fennell (January 1, 1920 Bondi-September 9, 1992 Sydney) otherwise known as Willy Fennell, "Phooey" Fennell, Willie Fennel, Willy Fennel or Willie Funnel was an Australian actor. He had one child, Jane Fennell.

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Kevin Manser

Kevin Manser (February 16, 1929 Adelaide-December 21, 2001 New South Wales) also known as Kevin Baden Manser was an Australian actor.

He died in cancer.

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