Australian movie stars died in 1997

Here are 4 famous actors from Australia died in 1997:

Kit Denton

Kit Denton (May 5, 1928 Stepney-April 14, 1997 Blue Mountains) also known as Arnold Christopher Denton, Arnold Christopher "Kit" Denton, Arnold Ditkofsky or Arnold Christopher Ditkofsky was an Australian novelist, screenwriter and actor. His child is called Andrew Denton.

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Michael Hutchence

Michael Hutchence (January 22, 1960 Sydney-November 22, 1997 Sydney) also known as Hutchence, Michael, Michael Kelland John Hutchence, Hutch or INXS was an Australian singer, musician, songwriter and actor. His child is called Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof.

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Noel Ferrier

Noel Ferrier (December 20, 1930 Melbourne-October 16, 1997 Sydney) also known as Noel Ferrier AM was an Australian actor, tv personality, theatrical producer, voice actor, raconteur and film producer. He had one child, Tim Ferrier.

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George Assang

George Assang (November 27, 2014 Thursday Island-November 27, 1997 Nowra) also known as Vic Sabrino was an Australian singer and actor.

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