Australian movie stars died in 2009

Here are 7 famous actors from Australia died in 2009:

Bud Tingwell

Bud Tingwell (January 3, 1923 Coogee-May 15, 2009 Melbourne) also known as Charles William Tingwell, Charles William "Bud" Tingwell, Bud, Charles 'Bud' Tingwell or 'Bud' was an Australian actor, television director and television producer. He had two children, Virginia Tingwell and Christopher Tingwell.

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Ray Barrett

Ray Barrett (May 2, 1927 Brisbane-September 8, 2009 Gold Coast) also known as Raymond Charles Barrett, Ray or Raymond Charles "Ray" Barrett was an Australian actor, voice actor and singer.

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Don Lane

Don Lane (November 13, 1933 The Bronx-October 22, 2009 Sydney) also known as Morton Donald Isaacson was an Australian presenter, talk show host, sports commentator, singer and actor.

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Ernie Bourne

Ernie Bourne (August 1, 1926 Dorset-January 21, 2009 Prahran) also known as Ernest Alfred Bourne or Ernest Alfred "Ernie" Bourne was an Australian actor. He had one child, Sally Bourne.

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Brian James

Brian James (July 5, 1918 Victoria-November 2, 2009 Melbourne) was an Australian actor.

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Reg Evans

Reg Evans (March 27, 1928 Wales-February 7, 2009 Saint Andrews) a.k.a. Reginald Evans, Reginald "Reg" Evans or Reg was an Australian actor.

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Estee Applauder

Estee Applauder (February 20, 1969 Tasmania-December 2, 2009 Tasmania) also known as Michael Joyce was an Australian actor and impersonator.

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