Australian movie actresses deceased in Cancer

Here are 12 famous actresses from Australia died in Cancer:

Justine Saunders

Justine Saunders (February 20, 1953 Quilpie-April 15, 2007 Sydney) also known as Justine Florence Saunders was an Australian actor.

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Myra De Groot

Myra De Groot (July 4, 1937 Westminster-April 4, 1988 Melbourne) also known as Myra Tania De Groot was an Australian actor.

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Sheila Florance

Sheila Florance (July 24, 1916 St Kilda-October 12, 1991 Melbourne) a.k.a. Sheila Florence or Sheila Mary Florance was an Australian actor. Her children are called Peter Oyston, Philip Oyston and Susan Oyston.

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Belinda Emmett

Belinda Emmett (April 12, 1974 Gosford-November 11, 2006 Sydney) also known as Belinda Jane Emmett, Belinda Jane "Belle" Emmett or Belle was an Australian singer and actor.

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Bunney Brooke

Bunney Brooke (January 9, 1921 Golden Square-April 2, 2000 Manly) a.k.a. Bunny Brooke or Dorothy Cronin was an Australian actor.

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Pat McDonald

Pat McDonald (August 1, 1921 Melbourne-March 10, 1990 Australia) also known as Patricia Ethell McDonald or Patricia Ethell "Pat" McDonald was an Australian actor.

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Marjorie Bennett

Marjorie Bennett (January 15, 1896 York-June 14, 1982 Hollywood) also known as Marjorie E. Bennett or Margery Bennett was an Australian actor.

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Joan Winfield

Joan Winfield (September 24, 1918 Melbourne-June 16, 1978 Van Nuys) also known as Joan MacGillicuddy was an Australian actor. Her children are called Michael Lucas, Victoria Lucas and Elizabeth Lucas.

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Monica Maughan

Monica Maughan (September 15, 1933 Nuku Ľalofa-January 8, 2010 Melbourne) also known as Monica Cresswell Wood or Monica Wood was an Australian actor. She had three children, Olivia Ball, Ruth Ball and Susannah Ball.

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Diane Cilento

Diane Cilento (October 5, 1933 Mooloolaba-October 6, 2011 Cairns) was an Australian actor and author. She had two children, Jason Connery and Giovanna Margaret Volpe.

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Clarissa Kaye

Clarissa Kaye (November 27, 2014 Sydney-July 21, 1994) a.k.a. Clarissa Kaye-Mason or Clarissa Knipe was an Australian actor.

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Wendy Hughes

Wendy Hughes (July 29, 1952 Melbourne-March 8, 2014 Sydney) was an Australian actor and film producer. She had two children, Charlotte Haywood and Jay Juillet.

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