Australian musicians born in 1945

Here are 6 famous musicians from Australia were born in 1945:

Jeannie Lewis

Jeannie Lewis (January 8, 1945 Australia-) also known as Lewis, Jeannie is an Australian singer.

Her albums include Free Fall Through Featherless Flight, Classic Tracks, Looking Backwards to Tomorrow, Tears of Steel & the Clowning Calaveras, Piaf, the Songs and the Story, So U Want Blood, Tango Australis and Southheart.

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Mike Rudd

Mike Rudd (June 15, 1945 New Zealand-) is an Australian , .

His most recognized albums: Living on a Volcano.

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Vernon Wells

Vernon Wells (December 31, 1945 Rushworth-) a.k.a. Vernon G. Wells, Vernon George Wells or Vernon Maxwell is an Australian actor and film producer.

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Hans Poulsen

Hans Poulsen (March 7, 1945 Melbourne-) also known as Poulsen, Hans, Han Poulsen or Bruce Gordon Poulson is an Australian singer-songwriter and film score composer.

Genres he performed: Folk music and Pop music.

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Vince Melouney

Vince Melouney (August 18, 1945 Sydney-) a.k.a. Vince Maloney is an Australian musician, singer-songwriter and guitarist.

Genres he performed include Rock music, Beat music, Psychedelic pop, Hard rock and Psychedelic rock.

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Allan Zavod

Allan Zavod (October 16, 1945 Melbourne-) also known as Alan Zavod or Dr Allan Zavod is an Australian composer and film score composer.

His albums include The Hobbit. Genres he performed: Jazz fusion and Jazz.

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