Australian musicians born in 1974

Here are 16 famous musicians from Australia were born in 1974:

Belinda Emmett

Belinda Emmett (April 12, 1974 Gosford-November 11, 2006 Sydney) also known as Belinda Jane Emmett, Belinda Jane "Belle" Emmett or Belle was an Australian singer and actor.

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Kellie Crawford

Kellie Crawford (May 1, 1974 Sydney-) a.k.a. Kellie Lynn Hoggart or Kellie Lynn Crawford is an Australian singer.

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Andrew Hansen

Andrew Hansen (September 18, 1974-) a.k.a. Andrew John Hansen is an Australian comedian, musician, composer and screenwriter.

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Phil Burton

Phil Burton (March 13, 1974-) also known as Phillip Andrew Burton or Burton, Phil is an Australian musician, singer, keyboard player and guitarist.

Genres he performed include Pop music and Adult contemporary music.

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Hamish Rosser

Hamish Rosser (May 16, 1974-) otherwise known as Rosser, Hamish is an Australian drummer.

Genres he performed include Garage rock, Post-grunge, Alternative rock, Neo-psychedelia, Indie rock, Psychedelic rock and Post-punk revival.

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Winston Giles

Winston Giles (January 26, 1974 Australia-) is an Australian singer.

His discography includes: Lovers. Genres he performed: Rock music, Ambient music, Electronica and Electronic dance music.

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Andrew Tierney

Andrew Tierney (June 20, 1974 Sydney-) otherwise known as Andrew James Tierney or Tierney, Andrew is an Australian singer-songwriter, keyboard player and musician.

Genres he performed: Pop music, Adult contemporary music and Boy band.

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Faith Yang

Faith Yang (March 2, 1974 Taipei-) also known as Yang Nai Wen, 杨乃文, Faith Yeung, ÑîÄËÎÄ, Yang Naiwen or Yang, Faith is an Australian singer, musician and fashion model.

Her most important albums: Silence, One, Silence, 女爵, 應該, 第一張精選, Self-Selected and 第一張精選.

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Melissa Tkautz

Melissa Tkautz (January 24, 1974 Sydney-) also known as Tkautz, Melissa or Melissa is an Australian singer, actor and songwriter.

Her albums: Fresh, Lost & Found, All I Want, Sexy (Is the Word), Easily Affected, My House, Skin to Skin, Read My Lips and The Glamorous Life. Genres: Pop music, Europop and Dance music.

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Monique Brumby

Monique Brumby (September 16, 1974 Devonport-) a.k.a. Brumby, Monique is an Australian singer.

Her discography includes: Thylacine, Signal Hill, Mary, Fool for You, Silver Dollars, Into the Blue, The Change in Me and Wrecking Ball (The Eventide EP). Genres: Rock music and Indie pop.

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Anna Goldsworthy

Anna Goldsworthy (June 9, 1974 Adelaide-) is an Australian , .

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Clayton Doley

Clayton Doley (September 13, 1974-) is an Australian musician, singer-songwriter, music director, music arranger and record producer.

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Beau Young

Beau Young (August 28, 1974 Grafton-) a.k.a. Young, Beau is an Australian singer, songwriter and surfer.

His albums include Waves Of Change.

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Andy Strachan

Andy Strachan (August 20, 1974 Adelaide-) also known as Strachan, Andy is an Australian drummer and songwriter.

Discography: The Last Stand and . Genres he performed: Punk rock and Alternative rock.

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Jason Singh

Jason Singh (March 12, 1974 Melbourne-) is an Australian singer.

His most recognized albums: Humannequin. Genres: Rock music, Rock and roll and Pop music.

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Adam Harvey

Adam Harvey (December 21, 1974 Geelong-) also known as Harvey, Adam is an Australian songwriter and singer.

His discography includes: I'm Doin' Alright, Can't Settle for Less, That's What You Call a Friend, Both Sides Now, Workin' Overtime, The Great Country Songbook, Second Time Around, Sugar Talk, Falling Into Place and Cowboy Dreams. Genres he performed: Country.

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