Australian musicians born in 1989

Here are 7 famous musicians from Australia were born in 1989:

Mia Wasikowska

Mia Wasikowska (October 14, 1989 Canberra-) also known as Mia Elizabeth Wasikowska is an Australian actor and voice actor.

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Jessica Mauboy

Jessica Mauboy (August 4, 1989 Darwin-) otherwise known as Jessica Hilda Mauboy, Jess Mauboy or Young Divas is an Australian singer, songwriter and actor.

Her most important albums: The Journey, Been Waiting, Get 'Em Girls, Running Back, Galaxy, Saturday Night, Because, What Happened to Us, Inescapable and Up / Down. Genres related to her: Pop music, Rhythm and blues, Contemporary R&B, Synthpop, Hip Hop, Art rock, Glam rock, Volk, Reggae and Dance music.

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Xonia (June 25, 1989 Melbourne-) a.k.a. XONIA is an Australian , .

Her related genres: Dance music and Electronic music.

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Clare Bowen

Clare Bowen (May 12, 1989 South Coast-) also known as Clare Maree Bowen is an Australian actor, singer, musician and dancer.

Her albums: I Will Fall (Nashville Cast Version), If I Didn't Know Better (Nashville Cast Version) [radio mix] and Fade Into You (Nashville Cast Version).

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Dan Webb

Dan Webb (August 13, 1989-) is an Australian songwriter and musician.

His albums include Capitulation, Coming Up Roses, Sandstorm and Sleep. Genres: Alternative rock, Pop music and Rock music.

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Penelope Austin

Penelope Austin (January 28, 1989 Bowral-) also known as Penny Austin, Penelope Alice Phillips or Penny Alice Phillips is an Australian singer-songwriter.

Her albums include The Beautiful Dark and Smoke into Flames.

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Emma Watkins

Emma Watkins (September 21, 1989 Sydney-) is an Australian , .

Genres she performed: Children's music.

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