Australian musicians died at 57

Here are 7 famous musicians from Australia died at 57:

Norman Ewing

Norman Ewing (December 26, 1870 Wollongong-July 19, 1928 Launceston) otherwise known as Judge Norman Ewing was an Australian lawyer, judge and politician.

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Francis Forbes

Francis Forbes (April 5, 1784-November 8, 1841) was an Australian judge.

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John Brosnan

John Brosnan (October 7, 1947 Perth-April 11, 2005) otherwise known as Harry Adam Knight, James Blackstone, John Raymond Brosnan, Simon Ian Childer or Leroy Kettle was an Australian novelist and writer.

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William Bede Dalley

William Bede Dalley (July 5, 1831 Sydney-October 28, 1888 Darling Point) was an Australian lawyer and politician. His child is called John Bede Dalley.

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Leslie Wilkie

Leslie Wilkie (June 27, 1878-September 4, 1935) was an Australian personality.

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Sid Barnes

Sid Barnes (June 5, 1916 Annandale, New South Wales-December 16, 1973 Collaroy) a.k.a. Sidney George Barnes, Bagga or Suicide Sid was an Australian cricketer, writer and businessperson.

He died in suicide.

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George Elmslie

George Elmslie (February 21, 1861 Victoria-May 11, 1918 Melbourne) was an Australian politician.

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