Australian musicians died at 64

Here are 13 famous musicians from Australia died at 64:

Guy Boyd

Guy Boyd (June 12, 1923 Murrumbeena-April 26, 1988) was an Australian personality.

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Greg Brough

Greg Brough (March 26, 1951 Australia-April 5, 2015 Beechmont, Queensland) also known as Gregory Brough was an Australian swimmer.

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George Mallaby

George Mallaby (November 4, 1939 Hartlepool-July 12, 2004 Gold Coast) a.k.a. George Frederick Mallaby, Ruth Bass or Detective Peter Barnes was an Australian screenwriter and actor. He had three children, Guy Mallaby, Luke Mallaby and Kirsti Mallaby.

He died as a result of stroke.

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John Marsden

John Marsden (January 3, 1942 New South Wales-May 17, 2006) was an Australian lawyer.

He died caused by stomach cancer.

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Peter Reynolds

Peter Reynolds (January 2, 1948-May 1, 2012) also known as Peter Askin Reynolds was an Australian swimmer.

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Marie Tehan

Marie Tehan (June 19, 1940 Australia-October 31, 2004) was an Australian lawyer and politician. She had one child, Dan Tehan.

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William Lambert Dobson

William Lambert Dobson (April 24, 1833 England-March 17, 1898 Australia) was an Australian judge and politician.

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Bill Neilson

Bill Neilson (August 27, 1925 Hobart-November 9, 1989 Hobart) was an Australian politician.

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George Burnett Barton

George Burnett Barton (December 9, 1836 Sydney-September 12, 1901) otherwise known as G. B. Barton was an Australian lawyer and journalist.

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Peter Norman

Peter Norman (June 15, 1942 Australia-October 3, 2006 Melbourne) also known as Peter George Norman was an Australian athlete and teacher.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Florrie Forde

Florrie Forde (August 16, 1875 Fitzroy-April 18, 1940 Aberdeen) was an Australian singer.

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John Murray

John Murray (July 8, 1851 Victoria-May 4, 1916 Victoria) was an Australian politician.

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Thomas Hollway

Thomas Hollway (October 2, 1906 Ballarat-July 30, 1971 Point Lonsdale) was an Australian politician and lawyer.

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