Australian musicians died at 66

Here are 17 famous musicians from Australia died at 66:

Neville Howse

Neville Howse (October 26, 1863 Stogursey-September 19, 1930 London) was an Australian politician and soldier. He had one child, John Howse.

He died in cancer.

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Terry Jenner

Terry Jenner (September 8, 1944 Mount Lawley-May 25, 2011 Adelaide) was an Australian coach.

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John Ewart

John Ewart (February 26, 1928 Melbourne-March 8, 1994 Sydney) also known as Ewart, Jimmy or Johnny was an Australian actor. He had one child, John Ewart Jnr..

He died caused by cancer.

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Steele Rudd

Steele Rudd (November 14, 1868 Drayton-October 11, 1935 Brisbane) also known as Arthur Hoey Davis was an Australian writer, author and screenwriter.

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David Stove

David Stove (September 15, 1927 Moree-June 2, 1994 Mulgoa) also known as David Charles Stove or D. C. Stove was an Australian philosopher.

He died as a result of suicide.

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Esma Cannon

Esma Cannon (December 27, 1905 Randwick-October 18, 1972 London Borough of Camden) a.k.a. Esma Ellen Charlotte Cannon or Esme Cannon was an Australian actor.

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George Higinbotham

George Higinbotham (April 19, 1826 Dublin-December 31, 1892) also known as Judge George Higinbotham was an Australian judge and politician.

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James Martin

James Martin (April 14, 1820 Midleton-November 4, 1886 Potts Point) also known as Judge James Martin was an Australian judge, politician and lawyer.

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Fanny Durack

Fanny Durack (October 27, 1889 Sydney-March 20, 1956 Sydney) was an Australian swimmer.

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Clifford Menhennitt

Clifford Menhennitt (October 30, 1912-October 29, 1979) a.k.a. Judge Clifford Menhennitt was an Australian judge.

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Alexander Onslow

Alexander Onslow (July 17, 1842-October 20, 1908) was an Australian judge.

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Sibyl Morrison

Sibyl Morrison (August 18, 1895 Petersham-December 29, 1961 Collaroy) a.k.a. Sibyl Enid Vera Munro Morrison was an Australian lawyer.

She died caused by cancer.

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John Shirlow

John Shirlow (December 13, 1869 Sunbury-June 22, 1936) was an Australian personality.

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Edward Dyson

Edward Dyson (April 5, 1865 Ballarat-August 22, 1931 Melbourne) was an Australian novelist, writer and journalist.

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John Sangster

John Sangster (November 17, 1928 Melbourne-October 26, 1995 Brisbane) was an Australian musician, film score composer and music arranger.

Genres: Jazz.

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Brian Bevan

Brian Bevan (June 24, 1924 Bondi-June 3, 1991 Southport) was an Australian personality.

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William Murray McPherson

William Murray McPherson (September 17, 1865 Victoria-June 26, 1932 Melbourne) was an Australian politician.

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