Australian musicians died at 68

Here are 25 famous musicians from Australia died at 68:

Victor Albert Bailey

Victor Albert Bailey (December 18, 1895 Alexandria-December 7, 1964 Geneva) was an Australian physicist.

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Joseph Furphy

Joseph Furphy (September 26, 1843 Yering-September 13, 1912 Claremont) was an Australian writer, novelist, author and poet.

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Pat McDonald

Pat McDonald (August 1, 1921 Melbourne-March 10, 1990 Australia) also known as Patricia Ethell McDonald or Patricia Ethell "Pat" McDonald was an Australian actor.

She died caused by cancer.

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Elton Mayo

Elton Mayo (December 26, 1880 Adelaide-September 7, 1949 Guildford) was an Australian psychologist.

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Frank Thring

Frank Thring (May 11, 1926 Melbourne-December 29, 1994 Melbourne) also known as Frank William Thring, Francis William Thring Jr. or The Many-Splendoured Thring was an Australian actor.

He died as a result of cancer.

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Anne Haddy

Anne Haddy (October 5, 1930 Quorn-June 6, 1999 Melbourne) was an Australian actor, voice actor and secretary.

She died as a result of stomach cancer.

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Sara Henderson

Sara Henderson (September 15, 1936 Sydney-April 29, 2005 Caloundra) was an Australian writer.

She died in breast cancer.

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Kit Denton

Kit Denton (May 5, 1928 Stepney-April 14, 1997 Blue Mountains) also known as Arnold Christopher Denton, Arnold Christopher "Kit" Denton, Arnold Ditkofsky or Arnold Christopher Ditkofsky was an Australian novelist, screenwriter and actor. His child is Andrew Denton.

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Ian Turpie

Ian Turpie (November 6, 1943 Melbourne-March 11, 2012 Narraweena) also known as Turps, Ian Bruce "Turps" Turpie or Ian Bruce Turpie was an Australian presenter and actor.

He died caused by laryngeal cancer.

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Wilfred Fullagar

Wilfred Fullagar (November 16, 1892 Malvern-July 9, 1961) a.k.a. Judge Wilfred Fullagar was an Australian judge.

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Mick Cronin

Mick Cronin (March 18, 1911-September 1, 1979) was an Australian personality.

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Bernard King

Bernard King (March 1, 1934 Maleny-December 20, 2002) was an Australian chef.

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Bertram Mackennal

Bertram Mackennal (June 12, 1863 Fitzroy-October 10, 1931 Torquay) was an Australian personality.

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Boy Charlton

Boy Charlton (August 12, 1907 Crows Nest-December 10, 1975 Sydney) was an Australian swimmer.

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Murray Robson

Murray Robson (March 7, 1906 Ashfield-August 26, 1974 Rose Bay) was an Australian lawyer and politician.

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William Harrison Moore

William Harrison Moore (April 30, 1867-July 1, 1935) was an Australian lawyer.

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Clive Turnbull

Clive Turnbull (December 22, 1906 Glenorchy-May 25, 1975 Australia) was an Australian journalist.

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William McCormack

William McCormack (April 27, 1879 St Lawrence-November 21, 1947 Annerley) was an Australian politician.

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John Anderson

John Anderson (November 1, 1893 Stonehouse-July 6, 1962 Sydney) was an Australian philosopher.

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Gavin Brown

Gavin Brown (February 27, 1942 Lundin Links-December 25, 2010 Adelaide) was an Australian mathematician and professor.

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Frederick Richard Jordan

Frederick Richard Jordan (October 13, 1881 London-November 4, 1949 Vaucluse) a.k.a. The Hon. Sir Frederick Richard Jordan was an Australian judge and lawyer.

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Warwick Armstrong

Warwick Armstrong (May 22, 1879 Kyneton-July 13, 1947 Darling Point) was an Australian cricketer.

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Kerry Packer

Kerry Packer (December 17, 1937 Sydney-December 26, 2005 Sydney) also known as Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer was an Australian businessperson. His children are called James Packer and Gretel Packer.

He died caused by renal failure.

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Clem Hill

Clem Hill (March 18, 1877 Hindmarsh-September 5, 1945 Parkville) was an Australian personality.

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Don Tallon

Don Tallon (February 17, 1916 Bundaberg-September 7, 1984 Bundaberg) was an Australian personality.

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