Australian musicians died at 70

Here are 12 famous musicians from Australia died at 70:

Leslie Morshead

Leslie Morshead (September 18, 1889 Ballarat-September 26, 1959 Sydney) a.k.a. Sir Leslie James Morshead was an Australian personality.

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Chris Wallace

Chris Wallace (October 26, 1933-August 7, 2004) was an Australian physicist and computer scientist.

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Richard Hanson

Richard Hanson (December 6, 1805 London-March 4, 1876 Mount Lofty) also known as Judge Richard Hanson was an Australian judge.

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Kevin Crease

Kevin Crease (May 8, 1936 North Adelaide-April 12, 2007 Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide) otherwise known as Kevin John Crease or Creasey was an Australian presenter. His child is called Tom Crease.

He died caused by cancer.

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Tony Barrell

Tony Barrell (May 7, 1940 Cheshire-March 31, 2011 Sydney) was an Australian journalist.

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Harold Hardwick

Harold Hardwick (December 14, 1888 Balmain-February 22, 1959) was an Australian swimmer.

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George Handley Knibbs

George Handley Knibbs (June 13, 1858 Australia-March 30, 1929) was an Australian scientist and physicist.

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Patrick Gordon Taylor

Patrick Gordon Taylor (October 21, 1896 Australia-December 15, 1966 Honolulu) was an Australian pilot.

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Leslie Herron

Leslie Herron (May 22, 1902 Mosman-May 3, 1973 Darlinghurst) a.k.a. Sir Leslie James Herron or The Hon. Sir Leslie Herron was an Australian judge and lawyer.

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Charles Bateson

Charles Bateson (August 4, 1903-July 5, 1974) was an Australian personality.

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Thomas Bent

Thomas Bent (December 7, 1838 Penrith-September 17, 1909 Melbourne) was an Australian politician.

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Edmund Barton

Edmund Barton (January 18, 1849 Glebe-January 7, 1920 Hydro Majestic Hotel) also known as Sir Edmund Barton was an Australian politician. His children are called Wilfrid Alexander Barton, Jean Alice Barton, Leila Stephanie Barton, Edmund Alfred Barton, Oswald Barton and Arnold Hubert Barton.

He died caused by heart failure.

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