Australian musicians died at 72

Here are 24 famous musicians from Australia died at 72:

Charles E. M. Pearce

Charles E. M. Pearce (March 29, 1940 Wellington-June 9, 2012) also known as Charles Edward Miller Pearce or Charles Pearce was an Australian mathematician and professor.

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A. Bertram Chandler

A. Bertram Chandler (March 28, 1912 Aldershot-June 6, 1984 Sydney) also known as Andrew Dunstan, Bertram A. Chandler, Bertram Chandler, George Whitely, George Whitley or S. H. M. was an Australian novelist and writer. He had one child, Jenny Chandler.

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Oodgeroo Noonuccal

Oodgeroo Noonuccal (November 3, 1920 Stradbroke Island-September 16, 1993 Altona Meadows) also known as Kath Walker or Kathleen Jean Mary Ruska was an Australian writer, educator and poet. She had two children, Dennis Walker and Vivian Walker.

She died caused by cancer.

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Elizabeth Kenny

Elizabeth Kenny (September 20, 1880 Warialda-November 30, 1952 Toowoomba) was an Australian personality.

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Louisa Lawson

Louisa Lawson (February 17, 1848 Gulgong-August 12, 1920 Gladesville) also known as Louisa Albury was an Australian writer and journalist. Her child is called Henry Lawson.

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Ron Casey

Ron Casey (December 28, 1927-June 19, 2000) was an Australian presenter.

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John R. Philip

John R. Philip (January 18, 1927-June 26, 1999) also known as John Philip was an Australian scientist.

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Faith Leech

Faith Leech (March 31, 1941 Bendigo-September 14, 2013 Bendigo) also known as Faith Yvonne Leech was an Australian swimmer.

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Frank Knopfelmacher

Frank Knopfelmacher (February 3, 1923-May 17, 1995) was an Australian philosopher.

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John Lee

John Lee (March 31, 1928 Launceston-December 21, 2000 Melbourne) was an Australian actor.

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Gordon Piper

Gordon Piper (June 3, 1932 Cheltenham-September 19, 2004 Sydney) a.k.a. Gordon Stephen Piper was an Australian actor, theatre director and screenwriter. He had two children, Kerrin-Gai Piper and Kim Piper.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Thelma Forshaw

Thelma Forshaw (August 1, 1923 Glebe Point-October 8, 1995) was an Australian writer.

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Arthur Alfred Lynch

Arthur Alfred Lynch (October 16, 1861 Smythesdale-March 25, 1934) a.k.a. Dr. Arthur Alfred Lynch was an Australian author, civil engineer, journalist, soldier, physician and politician.

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Robert Hamilton Russell

Robert Hamilton Russell (September 3, 1860 Farningham-April 30, 1933) was an Australian surgeon.

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Julian Salomons

Julian Salomons (November 4, 1836 Edgbaston-April 6, 1909 Woollahra) was an Australian judge and politician.

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Gilbert Percy Whitley

Gilbert Percy Whitley (June 9, 1903-July 18, 1975) was an Australian scientist.

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Vali Myers

Vali Myers (August 2, 1930 Sydney-February 12, 2003) was an Australian personality.

She died in cancer.

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Nellie Stewart

Nellie Stewart (November 20, 1858 Sydney-June 20, 1931) was an Australian singer.

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Blamire Young

Blamire Young (August 9, 1862 Londesborough-January 14, 1935 Montrose) was an Australian personality.

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Mary Hannay Foott

Mary Hannay Foott (September 26, 1846 Glasgow-October 12, 1918 Bundaberg) was an Australian writer. Her child is Cecil Foott.

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Jack Findlay

Jack Findlay (February 5, 1935 Shepparton-May 19, 2007 Cannes) was an Australian personality.

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Charlie Macartney

Charlie Macartney (June 27, 1886 Maitland-September 9, 1958 Little Bay) was an Australian personality.

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Alexander Peacock

Alexander Peacock (June 11, 1861 Creswick-October 7, 1933 Victoria) was an Australian politician.

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Stanley Argyle

Stanley Argyle (December 4, 1867 Kyneton-November 23, 1940 Toorak) was an Australian politician.

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