Australian musicians died at 74

Here are 21 famous musicians from Australia died at 74:

Ronald Ernest Aitchison

Ronald Ernest Aitchison (December 29, 1921 Hurstville-April 5, 1996 Sydney) was an Australian physicist and engineer.

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Miles Franklin

Miles Franklin (October 14, 1879 Talbingo-September 19, 1954 Drummoyne) was an Australian novelist and writer.

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Robert Hughes

Robert Hughes (July 28, 1938 Sydney-August 6, 2012 The Bronx) also known as Robert Studley Forrest Hughes, Bob Hughes or Robert Studley Forrest Hughes AO was an Australian documentary filmmaker, art critic, writer, author, critic, screenwriter, film producer and presenter. His child is Danton Hughes.

He died as a result of illness.

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Samuel James Mitchell

Samuel James Mitchell (May 11, 1852-October 3, 1926) also known as Judge Samuel James Mitchell was an Australian judge.

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Bobby Limb

Bobby Limb (November 10, 1924 Adelaide-September 11, 1999 Sydney) was an Australian presenter and actor. He had one child, Debbie Limb.

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Elaine Lee

Elaine Lee (December 23, 1939 Springs-September 17, 2014 Sydney) was an Australian actor.

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Syd Heylen

Syd Heylen (May 25, 1922 Renmark-December 4, 1996 Queensland) a.k.a. Harold Charles Sydney Heylen was an Australian actor.

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Roger Therry

Roger Therry (April 22, 1800 Cork-May 17, 1874) also known as Judge Roger Therry was an Australian judge and politician.

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Robert Mackenzie Johnston

Robert Mackenzie Johnston (November 27, 1843-April 20, 1918 Hobart) was an Australian scientist and statistician.

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James Muirhead

James Muirhead (April 24, 1925-July 20, 1999) also known as Judge James Muirhead was an Australian judge.

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John McGarvie Smith

John McGarvie Smith (February 8, 1844 Sydney-December 6, 1918) was an Australian scientist.

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Edward Rennie

Edward Rennie (August 19, 1852 Balmain-January 8, 1927) was an Australian scientist and chemist.

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Kelvin Lancaster

Kelvin Lancaster (December 10, 1924 Sydney-July 23, 1999 New York City) also known as Kelvin John Lancaster was an Australian economist and professor.

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Reg Date

Reg Date (July 26, 1921 Wallsend-August 11, 1995) was an Australian personality.

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Valentine Fleming

Valentine Fleming (November 13, 1809-October 25, 1884) was an Australian judge.

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William Hardy Wilson

William Hardy Wilson (February 14, 1881 Campbelltown-December 16, 1955 Richmond) was an Australian architect, artist and visual artist.

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Maggie Moore

Maggie Moore (April 10, 1851 San Francisco-March 15, 1926 San Francisco) also known as Miss Maggie Moore was an Australian actor.

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Ray Lindwall

Ray Lindwall (October 3, 1921 Mascot-June 23, 1996 Brisbane) was an Australian personality.

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Reg Gasnier

Reg Gasnier (May 12, 1939 Mortdale-May 11, 2014 Miranda) was an Australian personality.

He died as a result of disease.

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William Watt

William Watt (November 23, 1871 Kyneton-September 13, 1946 Toorak) was an Australian politician.

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John McPhee

John McPhee (July 4, 1878 Yan Yean-September 14, 1952 Hobart) was an Australian personality.

He died as a result of cardiovascular disease.

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