Australian musicians died at 78

Here are 29 famous musicians from Australia died at 78:

Patrick White

Patrick White (May 28, 1912 Knightsbridge-September 30, 1990 Sydney) also known as Patrick Victor Martindale White was an Australian writer, novelist, essayist, screenwriter, playwright and poet.

He died caused by asthma.

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Ed Devereaux

Ed Devereaux (August 27, 1925 Sydney-December 17, 2003 Hampstead) also known as Edward Devereaux, Ed Deveraux, Edward Sidney Devereaux or Ed. Devereaux was an Australian actor, film director and screenwriter. His children are John Devereaux, Steven Devereaux, Timothy Devereaux and Matthew Devereaux.

He died as a result of esophageal cancer.

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Thea Astley

Thea Astley (August 25, 1925 Brisbane-August 17, 2004 Byron Bay) was an Australian writer and novelist.

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Arthur Boyd

Arthur Boyd (July 24, 1920 Murrumbeena-April 24, 1999) was an Australian personality.

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Mollie Skinner

Mollie Skinner (September 19, 1876-May 25, 1955) was an Australian writer.

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William Woolls

William Woolls (March 30, 1814 Winchester-March 14, 1893 Burwood) was an Australian botanist.

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Frank Costigan

Frank Costigan (January 14, 1931 Australia-April 13, 2009) was an Australian lawyer.

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Geoffrey Reed

Geoffrey Reed (March 14, 1892 Port Pirie-December 31, 1970 North Adelaide) also known as Judge Geoffrey Reed was an Australian judge.

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Morgan Thomas

Morgan Thomas (December 15, 1824-March 8, 1903) was an Australian surgeon.

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Henry Augustus Ellis

Henry Augustus Ellis (July 24, 1861-October 3, 1939) was an Australian politician and surgeon.

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Flos Greig

Flos Greig (November 7, 1880-December 31, 1958) was an Australian lawyer.

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George John Robert Murray

George John Robert Murray (September 27, 1863 Adelaide-February 18, 1942) was an Australian lawyer and judge.

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Brian Naylor

Brian Naylor (January 21, 1931 Australia-February 7, 2009 Kinglake West, Victoria) was an Australian journalist.

He died in black saturday bushfires.

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Henry Samuel Chapman

Henry Samuel Chapman (July 21, 1803 Kennington-December 27, 1881) was an Australian judge and politician. His child is called Frederick Chapman.

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Ewen Neil McQueen

Ewen Neil McQueen (April 1, 1889 Carlton North-April 5, 1967) a.k.a. Dr. Ewen Neil McQueen was an Australian scientist, psychologist and physician.

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Albert Wolff

Albert Wolff (April 30, 1899-October 27, 1977) was an Australian judge.

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Hartley Teakle

Hartley Teakle (August 2, 1901 Australia-December 8, 1979 Brisbane) was an Australian personality.

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John Wylde

John Wylde (May 11, 1781 London-December 13, 1859) was an Australian barrister and judge.

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Percy Grainger

Percy Grainger (July 8, 1882 Brighton-February 20, 1961 White Plains) also known as Bournemouth Sinfonietta. Kenneth Montgomery, conductor., P.A. Grainger, Percy Gringer, P. Grainger, Grainger, Grainger, Percy or George Percy Aldridge Grainger was an Australian composer and pianist.

His discography includes: Music of Percy Grainger: Dished Up for Piano by the Composer (piano: Nigel Coxe), At Twilight: Chorale Music by Percy Grainger and Edvard Grieg, In a Nutshell, Piano Music (feat. piano: Marc-André Hamelin), Piano Music for 4 Hands, Volume 1, The World of Percy Grainger, Famous Folk Settings (Bournemouth Sinfonietta feat. conductor: Kenneth Montgomery), Danny Boy - Grainger Favourites (Ambrosian Singers and English Chamber Orchestra feat. conductor: Benjamin Britten, conductor: Steuart Bedford), The Power of Love (Slovak Symphony Orchestra, feat. conductor Keith Brion) and Songs for Baritone (baritone: Stephen Varcoe, piano: Penelope Thwaites).

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John Brack

John Brack (May 10, 1920 Zürich-February 11, 1999 Melbourne) was an Australian artist and visual artist.

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John Spicer

John Spicer (March 5, 1899 Prahran-January 3, 1978 Armadale) was an Australian judge and politician.

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Arthur Merric Boyd

Arthur Merric Boyd (March 19, 1862 Opoho-July 30, 1940) was an Australian personality. He had one child, Martin Boyd.

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Marie Pitt

Marie Pitt (August 6, 1869 Australia-May 20, 1948 Australia) was an Australian writer and journalist.

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Diane Cilento

Diane Cilento (October 5, 1933 Mooloolaba-October 6, 2011 Cairns) was an Australian actor and author. She had two children, Jason Connery and Giovanna Margaret Volpe.

She died in cancer.

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William Macleod

William Macleod (October 27, 1850-June 24, 1929) was an Australian personality.

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Shirley Strickland

Shirley Strickland (July 18, 1925 Guildford-February 11, 2004 Perth) also known as Shirley Barbara Strickland, Shirley Strickland de la Hunty or Shirley Strickland-de la Hunty was an Australian politician and athlete.

She died in myocardial infarction.

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Pearson Thompson

Pearson Thompson (April 14, 1794-November 22, 1872) was an Australian lawyer.

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Trevor Pearcey

Trevor Pearcey (March 5, 1919 Woolwich-January 27, 1998) was an Australian computer scientist.

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John McDonald

John McDonald (December 6, 1898 Falkirk-April 23, 1977 Mooroopna) was an Australian politician.

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