Austrian movie stars born in 1903

Here are 6 famous actors from Austria were born in 1903:

Willi Forst

Willi Forst (April 7, 1903 Vienna-August 11, 1980 Vienna) otherwise known as Forst, Willi, Willy Forst, Wilhelm Anton Frohs or W. Forst was an Austrian singer, film director, actor, film producer and screenwriter.

Johannes Heesters

Johannes Heesters (December 5, 1903 Amersfoort-December 24, 2011 Starnberg) also known as Johan Marius Nicolaas Heesters, Jopie, Herr Jopie, Grandseigneur Heesters, Joe Heesters, Johannes M.N. Heesters, Johan Heesters, Johan Marius Nicolaas Johannes Heesters or Johannes was an Austrian singer and actor. He had two children, Nicole Heesters and Wiesje Heesters.

Harry Feist

Harry Feist (April 11, 1903 Salzburg-May 25, 1963 Capri) was an Austrian actor.

Karl Meixner

Karl Meixner (February 13, 1903 Vienna-December 29, 1976 Hamburg) was an Austrian actor.

Frederic Brunn

Frederic Brunn (July 23, 1903 Vienna-April 23, 1955 Los Angeles) also known as Fritz Brunn, Fritz BrĂ¼nn, Frederick Brunn, Brun, Frederic Andre Brune or Frederic Brune was an Austrian actor.

Theo Lingen

Theo Lingen (June 10, 1903 Hanover-November 10, 1978 Vienna) also known as Lingen, Theo or Franz Theodor Schmitz was an Austrian actor, film director, screenwriter and musician. He had one child, Ursula Lingen.

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