Austrian movie stars born in 1907

Here are 10 famous actors from Austria were born in 1907:

Fred Zinnemann

Fred Zinnemann (April 29, 1907 Rzeszów-March 14, 1997 London) also known as Alfred Zinnemann was an Austrian film director, film producer and actor. His child is called Tim Zinnemann.

Leon Askin

Leon Askin (September 18, 1907 Vienna-June 3, 2005 Vienna) also known as Leo Aschkenasy, L. Askeen or Leon Aschkenasy was an Austrian actor.

Fritz Eckhardt

Fritz Eckhardt (November 30, 1907 Linz-December 31, 1995 Klosterneuburg) was an Austrian film director, actor, screenwriter, cabaret artist and television director.

Reggie Nalder

Reggie Nalder (September 4, 1907 Vienna-November 19, 1991 Santa Monica) also known as Alfred Reginald Natzick, Natzler, Detlef Van Berg, Deltas Van Burg, Alfred Reginald Natzler or The Face That Launched a Thousand Trips was an Austrian actor.

Ernst Waldbrunn

Ernst Waldbrunn (August 14, 1907 Český Krumlov-December 22, 1977 Vienna) otherwise known as Waldbrunn, Ernst or seriously Waldbrunn was an Austrian actor, film director, writer, screenwriter and cabaret artist.

Walter Traut

Walter Traut (September 19, 1907 Innsbruck-September 9, 1979 Munich) was an Austrian film producer, actor and cinematographer.

Peter Preses

Peter Preses (October 29, 1907 Vienna-July 10, 1961 Vienna) was an Austrian actor and screenwriter.

Manfred Inger

Manfred Inger (January 1, 1907 Vienna-July 25, 1984 Vienna) otherwise known as Fred Lorenz was an Austrian actor.

Oskar Wegrostek

Oskar Wegrostek (October 6, 1907 Vienna-June 11, 1972 Vienna) a.k.a. O. Wegrostek or Herr Wegrostek was an Austrian actor.

Frank Alten

Frank Alten (July 5, 1907 Vienna-July 16, 1988 Portland) otherwise known as Franz Altenburg, Frank X. Alten or Franz von Altenberger was an Austrian actor and voice actor.

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