Austrian movie stars born in 1931

Here are 5 famous actors from Austria were born in 1931:

Thomas Hörbiger

Thomas Hörbiger (July 11, 1931 Berlin-May 24, 2011 Munich) a.k.a. Thomas Hoerbiger, Thommy Hörbiger, Tommy Hörbiger, Hörbiger, Thomas or Thomas Paul Hörbiger was an Austrian actor and lyricist. He had two children, Mavie Hörbiger and Hans Hörbiger.

Heinrich Schweiger

Heinrich Schweiger (July 23, 1931 Vienna-July 14, 2009 Salzburg) was an Austrian actor. He had one child, Heinrich Schweiger Junior.

Karl Spiehs

Karl Spiehs (February 20, 1931 Ternitz-) also known as Carl Spiehs is an Austrian film producer, actor and television producer. He has three children, David Spiehs, Gerhard Spiehs and Benjamin Spiehs.

Kurt Weinzierl

Kurt Weinzierl (April 15, 1931 Innsbruck-October 10, 2008 Munich) was an Austrian actor. His children are called Andrea Weinzierl, Barbara Weinzierl, Mirjam Rosenkranz and Annabel Faber.

Sieghardt Rupp

Sieghardt Rupp (June 14, 1931 Bregenz-) also known as S. Rupp, Simon Rupp or Tommy Rupp is an Austrian actor.

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