Austrian movie stars born in 1945

Here are 10 famous actors from Austria were born in 1945:

Peter Patzak

Peter Patzak (January 2, 1945 Vienna-) also known as Prof. Peter Patzak is an Austrian screenwriter, film director, actor, television producer and film producer.

Adi Peichl

Adi Peichl (December 27, 1945 Vienna-) is an Austrian actor.

Otto Retzer

Otto Retzer (September 13, 1945 Carinthia-) also known as Otto Werner Retzer, O.W. Retzer, Otto W. Retzer or Otto Brem is an Austrian actor, television director, film producer, screenwriter and film director. His children are called Olivia Retzer and Michael Retzer.

Christian Anders

Christian Anders (January 15, 1945 Bruck an der Mur-) a.k.a. Anders, Christian, Antonio Schinzel, Marion, Antonio Augusto Schinzel-Tenicolo or Lanoo is an Austrian singer and actor.

Florentín Groll

Florentín Groll (August 9, 1945 Vöcklabruck-) also known as Florentin Groll is an Austrian actor.

Peter Lerchbaumer

Peter Lerchbaumer (March 2, 1945 Vienna-) also known as Peter Lerchbäumer or Peter Lerch Bäumer is an Austrian actor.

Heinz Marecek

Heinz Marecek (September 17, 1945 Vienna-) otherwise known as Heinz Mareczek is an Austrian actor and film director.

Heribert Sasse

Heribert Sasse (September 28, 1945 Linz-) is an Austrian actor.

Hans Kreuzmayr

Hans Kreuzmayr (November 27, 1945 Altheim, Austria-) a.k.a. Hansi Kreuzmayr, Waterloo & Robinson, Waterloo Robinson, W@terloo, Waterloo or w.loo is an Austrian musician, singer and actor.

Wolfram Berger

Wolfram Berger (October 12, 1945 Graz-) is an Austrian actor, comedian and entertainer.

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