Austrian movie stars died in 1981

Here are 4 famous actors from Austria died in 1981:

Adrian Hoven

Adrian Hoven (May 18, 1922 W├Âllersdorf-Steinabr├╝ckl-April 28, 1981 Tegernsee) also known as Adrian Horen, Percy Parker, Peter Adrian Hoven, Willi, Percy G. Parker, Peter Hofkirchner, Adrian Hooven, Wilhelm Arpad Hofkirchner or Wilhelm Arpad Peter Hofkirchner was an Austrian actor, film director, film producer and screenwriter. His child is called Percy Hoven.

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Alf Brustellin

Alf Brustellin (July 27, 1940 Vienna-November 11, 1981 Munich) was an Austrian film director, screenwriter, cinematographer, actor and film producer.

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Rudolf Prack

Rudolf Prack (August 2, 1905 Vienna-December 2, 1981 Vienna) a.k.a. Rudolf Anton Prack was an Austrian actor. His children are called Adelheid Prack, Adalberta Prack and Michael Prack.

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Peter Kreuder

Peter Kreuder (August 18, 1905 Aachen-June 28, 1981 Salzburg) a.k.a. Peter Paul Kreuder, Kreuder, Peter or das Peter-Kreuder-Ensemble was an Austrian film score composer, pianist, conductor, actor and composer.

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