Austrian movie actors deceased in Stroke

Here are 6 famous actors from Austria died in Stroke:

Gerhard Bronner

Gerhard Bronner (October 23, 1922 Vienna-January 19, 2007 Vienna) was an Austrian screenwriter, film score composer, actor and musician. His child is called Felix Bronner.

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Alfred Neugebauer

Alfred Neugebauer (December 27, 1888 Vienna-September 14, 1957 Vienna) was an Austrian actor.

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Gustav Diessl

Gustav Diessl (December 30, 1899 Vienna-March 20, 1948 Vienna) also known as Gustav Karl Balthasar, Gustav Die├čl or Gustav Diesel was an Austrian actor, artist and visual artist.

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Albert Ritter Conti v. Cedassamare

Albert Ritter Conti v. Cedassamare (January 29, 1887 Trieste-January 18, 1967 Hollywood) also known as Albert Conti, Albert De Conti Cadassamare or Albert Ritter Conti v.Cedassamare was an Austrian actor.

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Johannes Heesters

Johannes Heesters (December 5, 1903 Amersfoort-December 24, 2011 Starnberg) also known as Johan Marius Nicolaas Heesters, Jopie, Herr Jopie, Grandseigneur Heesters, Joe Heesters, Johannes M.N. Heesters, Johan Heesters, Johan Marius Nicolaas Johannes Heesters or Johannes was an Austrian singer and actor. He had two children, Nicole Heesters and Wiesje Heesters.

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Alexander Grill

Alexander Grill (November 27, 2014 Graz-May 22, 2009 Vienna) also known as Alexander Brill was an Austrian actor.

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