Austrian movie stars born in 1907

Here are 5 famous actresses from Austria were born in 1907:

Paula Wessely

Paula Wessely (January 20, 1907 Vienna-May 11, 2000 Vienna) also known as Paula Anna Maria Wessely or The Wessely was an Austrian actor and film producer. She had three children, Elisabeth Orth, Christiane Hörbiger and Maresa Hörbiger.

Käthe Gold

Käthe Gold (February 11, 1907 Vienna-October 11, 1997 Vienna) also known as Kathe Gold or Katharina Stephanie Gold was an Austrian actor.

Tala Birell

Tala Birell (September 10, 1907 Bucharest-February 17, 1958 Landstuhl) a.k.a. Thala Birell, Natalie Bierl or Talusha was an Austrian actor.

Anita Janová

Anita Janová (December 19, 1907 Vienna-April 24, 1975 Prague) also known as Anna Janousková was an Austrian actor.

Marte Harell

Marte Harell (January 4, 1907 Vienna-March 12, 1996 Vienna) also known as Martha Schömig or Marthe Harell was an Austrian actor.

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