Austrian movie stars born in 1910

Here are 5 famous actresses from Austria were born in 1910:

Nora Minor

Nora Minor (December 7, 1910 Vienna-May 21, 1995 Munich) also known as Norah Minor was an Austrian actor.

Gretl Theimer

Gretl Theimer (November 27, 1910 Vienna-May 14, 1972 Munich) was an Austrian actor.

Luise Ullrich

Luise Ullrich (October 31, 1910 Vienna-January 21, 1985 Munich) a.k.a. Luise Ulrich was an Austrian actor.

Jane Tilden

Jane Tilden (November 16, 1910 Ústí nad Labem-August 27, 2002 Kitzbühel) also known as Marianne Wilhelmine Tuch or Tilden was an Austrian actor. She had two children, Frankie Tilden and Jane Antoinette Blackburne.

Maria Cebotari

Maria Cebotari (February 10, 1910 Chișinău-June 9, 1949 Vienna) also known as Maria Cebotaru was an Austrian singer, actor and opera singer.

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