Austrian movie stars born in 1964

Here are 7 famous actresses from Austria were born in 1964:

Sonja Kirchberger

Sonja Kirchberger (November 9, 1964 Vienna-) otherwise known as Venusfalle is an Austrian actor. Her children are called Lee Oscar Kirchberger and Janina Kirchberger.

Katharina Böhm

Katharina Böhm (November 20, 1964 Sorengo-) also known as Kathi Böhm or Kati Böhm is an Austrian actor. She has one child, Samuel Böhm.

Ulrike Beimpold

Ulrike Beimpold (May 10, 1964 Vienna-) is an Austrian actor, voice actor, author and theatre director.

Andrea Händler

Andrea Händler (May 14, 1964 Vienna-) is an Austrian actor.

Maria Hofstatter

Maria Hofstatter (March 30, 1964 Linz-) also known as Maria Hofstätter is an Austrian actor and theatre director.

Silvia Vas

Silvia Vas (January 2, 1964 Steyr-) a.k.a. Sylvia Vas, Silvia Zeitlinger or Sylvia Zeitlinger is an Austrian actor.

Petra Morzé

Petra Morzé (October 10, 1964 Klagenfurt-) otherwise known as Petra Kogelnik, Petra Morze or Petra von Morzé is an Austrian actor.

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