Austrian movie stars died in 1971

Here are 4 famous actresses from Austria died in 1971:

Helene Weigel

Helene Weigel (May 12, 1900 Vienna-May 6, 1971 Berlin) was an Austrian actor. She had two children, Stefan Brecht and Barbara Brecht-Schall.

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Tilla Durieux

Tilla Durieux (August 18, 1880 Vienna-February 21, 1971 West Berlin) also known as Ottilie Godefroy was an Austrian actor.

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Christl Mardayn

Christl Mardayn (December 8, 1896 Vienna-July 24, 1971 Vienna) a.k.a. Christiane Mardayne, Anna Christine Maria Mardein, Anna Christina Maria "Christl" Mardayn, Christl or Christel Mardayn was an Austrian actor and singer.

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Lina Woiwode

Lina Woiwode (November 27, 1886 Austria-September 17, 1971) was an Austrian actor.

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