Austrian musicians born in 1943

Here are 5 famous musicians from Austria were born in 1943:

Heinz Karl Gruber

Heinz Karl Gruber (January 3, 1943 Vienna-) also known as Gruber, Karl Heinz or HK Gruber is an Austrian , .

Related albums: Zeitstimmung (Tonkünstler Orchestra feat. conductor: Kristjan Järvi, chansonnier: HK Gruber, percussion: Martin Grubinger), , and Busking / Nebelsteinmusik / Violin Concerto no. 1.

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Friedemann Kupsa

Friedemann Kupsa (September 7, 1943 St Pölten-) is an Austrian , .

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Michael Mantler

Michael Mantler (August 10, 1943 Vienna-) also known as Mantler, Michael is an Austrian , . He has one child, Karen Mantler.

His albums include The Hapless Child, Folly Seeing All This, Jazz Realities, , Live, School of Understanding (Sort of an Opera), No Answer, Hide and Seek, and Many Have No Speech.

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Radu Malfatti

Radu Malfatti (December 16, 1943 Innsbruck-) is an Austrian , .

Discography: , trioRAPHIPHI, Dach, Goat vs Donkey, Beinhaltung, Radu Malfatti, Wechseljahre Einer Hyäne, News From the Shed, Düsseldorf Vielfaches and Imaoto. His related genres: Experimental music.

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Werner Krenn

Werner Krenn (September 21, 1943 Vienna-) is an Austrian , .

His most important albums: Mozart: Requiem and Mozart Opera Festival.

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