Austrian musicians born in 1963

Here are 5 famous musicians from Austria were born in 1963:

Veronika Hagen

Veronika Hagen (May 5, 1963 Salzburg-) also known as Hagen, Veronika is an Austrian violist.

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Mercedes Echerer

Mercedes Echerer (May 16, 1963 Linz-) otherwise known as Raina A. Mercedes Echerer . is an Austrian politician and actor.

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Markus Schirmer

Markus Schirmer (June 10, 1963 Graz-) is an Austrian , .

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Thomas Larcher

Thomas Larcher (September 16, 1963 Innsbruck-) is an Austrian composer.

His albums include and Madhares (Piano: Till Fellner, Viola: Kim Kashkashian, Piano: Thomas Larcher, M√ľnchener Kammerorchester, Conductor: Dennis Russell Davies).

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Monika Stadler

Monika Stadler (February 19, 1963-) also known as Stadler, Monika is an Austrian composer and harpist.

Her albums include I-ma-mai Song For The Earth, Scandinavia, Away for a while and Between Earth, Sea & Sky.

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