Austrian musicians died at 29

Here are 3 famous musicians from Austria died at 29:

Josef Walcher

Josef Walcher (December 8, 1954 Schladming-January 22, 1984 Schladming) was an Austrian personality.

He died in skiing accident.

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Claudia Heill

Claudia Heill (January 24, 1982 Vienna-March 31, 2011 Vienna) was an Austrian personality.

She died in suicide.

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Maria Leopoldina of Austria

Maria Leopoldina of Austria (January 22, 1797 Vienna-December 11, 1826 Paço de São Cristóvão) was an Austrian personality. Her children are called Pedro II of Brazil, Maria II of Portugal, Princess Francisca of Brazil, Januária Maria, Princess Imperial of Brazil, João Carlos, Prince of Beira and Princess Paula of Brazil.

She died caused by childbirth.

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