Austrian musicians died at 47

Here are 9 famous musicians from Austria died at 47:

Ingeborg Bachmann

Ingeborg Bachmann (June 25, 1926 Klagenfurt-October 17, 1973 Rome) was an Austrian poet and author.

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Ignaz Semmelweis

Ignaz Semmelweis (July 1, 1818 Buda-August 13, 1865 Vienna) also known as Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis was an Austrian physician and scientist.

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Franz Xaver Messerschmidt

Franz Xaver Messerschmidt (February 6, 1736 Bavaria-August 19, 1783 Bratislava) was an Austrian personality.

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Harald Paumgarten

Harald Paumgarten (April 4, 1904 Graz-February 6, 1952 St Anton am Arlberg) was an Austrian personality.

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Hans Kundrat

Hans Kundrat (October 6, 1845 Vienna-April 25, 1893 Vienna) also known as Dr. Hans Kundrat was an Austrian physician.

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Siegfried Breuer

Siegfried Breuer (June 24, 1906 Vienna-February 1, 1954 Göttingen) was an Austrian film director, screenwriter and actor. His children are Siegfried Breuer Jr. and .

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Hertha Wambacher

Hertha Wambacher (March 9, 1903 Vienna-March 25, 1950 Vienna) was an Austrian physicist.

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Karl Bitter

Karl Bitter (December 6, 1867 Vienna-April 9, 1915 New York City) a.k.a. Karl Theodore Francis Bitter was an Austrian personality. His child is called Francis Bitter.

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Adolf Schmal

Adolf Schmal (August 18, 1872 Dortmund-August 28, 1919 Salzburg) was an Austrian personality. He had one child, Adolf Schmal, Jr..

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