Austrian musicians died at 57

Here are 11 famous musicians from Austria died at 57:

Georg Joseph Beer

Georg Joseph Beer (December 23, 1763 Vienna-April 11, 1821 Vienna) was an Austrian ophthalmology.

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Joseph Stefan

Joseph Stefan (March 24, 1835 Klagenfurt-January 7, 1893 Vienna) a.k.a. Josef Stefan was an Austrian physicist, mathematician and scientist.

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Christl Haas

Christl Haas (September 19, 1943 Kitzbühel-July 8, 2001 Manavgat) was an Austrian personality.

She died caused by drowning.

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Viktor Kaplan

Viktor Kaplan (November 27, 1876 Mürzzuschlag-August 23, 1934 Unterach am Attersee) was an Austrian scientist.

He died in stroke.

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Heinrich von Herzogenberg

Heinrich von Herzogenberg (June 10, 1843 Graz-October 9, 1900 Wiesbaden) a.k.a. Heinrich Herzogenberg or Herzogenberg, von, Heinrich was an Austrian personality.

His discography includes: Horn Trios (horn: Jénö Keveházi, piano: Jénö Jandó, violin: Ildikó Hegyi, oboe: József Kiss).

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Helmut Qualtinger

Helmut Qualtinger (October 8, 1928 Vienna-September 29, 1986 Vienna) a.k.a. Helmuth Qualtinger or Quasi was an Austrian actor, writer, screenwriter, voice actor, cabaret artist and journalist. He had one child, Christian Heimito Qualtinger.

Discography: Sämtliche Kabarett-Aufnahmen, Aus den Balladen des Francois Villon, Heurige und Gestrige Lieder, Die Qualtinger-Songs, Qualtingers böseste Lieder and .

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Johann Nepomuk Fuchs

Johann Nepomuk Fuchs (May 5, 1842 Frauental an der Laßnitz-October 15, 1899 Bad Vöslau) was an Austrian conductor.

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Nicolò Arrighetti

Nicolò Arrighetti (March 17, 1709 Florence-January 31, 1767) was an Austrian scientist.

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Carl Millöcker

Carl Millöcker (April 29, 1842 Vienna-December 31, 1899 Baden District, Austria) also known as Karl Millocker or Millöcker, Karl was an Austrian conductor, composer and writer.

His albums: The Beggar Student.

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Frederick IV, Duke of Austria

Frederick IV, Duke of Austria (April 5, 1382-June 24, 1439 Innsbruck) was an Austrian personality.

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Christine Lavant

Christine Lavant (July 4, 1915 Austria-June 7, 1973 Wolfsberg) was an Austrian personality.

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