Austrian musicians died at 59

Here are 16 famous musicians from Austria died at 59:

Joseph Johann von Littrow

Joseph Johann von Littrow (March 13, 1781 Horšovský Týn-November 30, 1840 Vienna) was an Austrian astronomer. His children are Karl L. Littrow and Heinrich von Littrow.

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Leopold von Sacher-Masoch

Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (January 27, 1836 Lviv-March 9, 1895 Mannheim) also known as Leopold Sacher-Masoch, Leopold Ritter von Sacher-Masoch, Gregor or Leopold Sacher Masock was an Austrian writer and journalist.

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Peter Altenberg

Peter Altenberg (March 9, 1859 Vienna-January 19, 1919 Vienna) was an Austrian writer.

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Róbert Bárány

Róbert Bárány (April 22, 1876 Vienna-April 8, 1936 Uppsala) a.k.a. Robert Barany or Dr. Robert Bárány was an Austrian physician.

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Ferdinand Löwe

Ferdinand Löwe (February 19, 1865 Vienna-January 6, 1925 Vienna) also known as Ferdinand Lowe was an Austrian conductor.

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Egon Brunswik

Egon Brunswik (April 5, 2015 Budapest-July 7, 1955) was an Austrian psychologist.

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Fritz Löhner-Beda

Fritz Löhner-Beda (June 24, 1883 Ústí nad Orlicí-December 4, 1942 Monowitz concentration camp) also known as Fritz Lohner-Beda, Löhner-Beda, Fritz, Friedrich Löwy, Beda or Fritz Löhner was an Austrian writer, lyricist and librettist.

He died in murder.

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Luise Mühlbach

Luise Mühlbach (January 2, 1814 Neubrandenburg-September 26, 1873 Berlin) a.k.a. L. Muhlbach, Luise Mühlbach, L. Mühlbach, Louise Muhlbach, Luise Muhlbach, Louisa Muhlbach, L. Muehlbach, L. (Luise) Mühlbach or Louise Mühlbach was an Austrian writer.

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Eugen Ehrlich

Eugen Ehrlich (September 14, 1862 Chernivtsi-May 2, 1922 Vienna) was an Austrian personality.

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Rudolf Spielmann

Rudolf Spielmann (May 5, 1883 Vienna-August 20, 1942 Stockholm) was an Austrian personality.

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Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf

Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf (November 2, 1739 Vienna-October 24, 1799 Deštná) a.k.a. August Karl Ditters von Dittersdorf or Dittersdorf, Carl Ditters von was an Austrian composer and violinist.

His albums include Doktor und Apotheker (Staatsorchester Rheinische Philharmonic feat. conductor: James Lockhart), Sinfonias on Ovid's Metamorphoses Nos. 1-3 (Failoni Orchestra feat. conductor: Hanspeter Gmür), Sinfonias on Ovid's Metamorphoses Nos. 4-6 (Failoni Orchestra feat. conductor: Hanspeter Gmür), Sinfonia in D major / Sinfonia in A major / Sinfonia in E flat major (Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra feat. conductor: Álvaro Cassuto), Sinfonias: The Delirium of Composers / The Battle of the Human Passions / In the Taste of Five Nations, , String Quartets, Sinfonia in D minor / Sinfonia in F major / Sinfonia in G minor (Failoni Orchestra feat. conductor: Uwe Grodd), and Vienna Master Series: Meditation, Volume 4.

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Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor

Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor (July 18, 1552 Vienna-January 20, 1612 Prague) also known as Rudolph II, Holy Roman Emperor was an Austrian personality.

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Archduchess Eleanor of Austria

Archduchess Eleanor of Austria (November 2, 1534 Vienna-August 5, 1594 Mantua) also known as Eleonora of Austria was an Austrian personality. She had three children, Vincenzo Gonzaga, Duke of Mantua, Anna Juliana Gonzaga and Margherita Gonzaga, Duchess of Ferrara.

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Robert Hamerling

Robert Hamerling (March 24, 1830 Kirchberg am Walde-July 13, 1889 Graz) was an Austrian novelist.

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Eduard Albert

Eduard Albert (January 20, 1841 Žamberk-September 26, 1900 Žamberk) was an Austrian writer and surgeon.

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Eduard Helly

Eduard Helly (June 1, 1884 Vienna-November 28, 1943 Chicago) was an Austrian mathematician.

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