Austrian musicians died at 60

Here are 23 famous musicians from Austria died at 60:

Stefan Zweig

Stefan Zweig (November 28, 1881 Vienna-February 22, 1942 Petrópolis) otherwise known as Stéfan Zweig was an Austrian writer, journalist, novelist, librettist, playwright, author and biographer.

He died as a result of drug overdose.

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Wilhelm Reich

Wilhelm Reich (March 24, 1897 Dobrianychi-November 3, 1957 United States Penitentiary, Lewisburg) was an Austrian psychoanalyst and psychiatrist.

He died as a result of cardiovascular disease.

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Johann Nestroy

Johann Nestroy (December 7, 1801 Vienna-May 25, 1862 Graz) was an Austrian writer, playwright and singer.

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Egon Friedell

Egon Friedell (January 21, 1878 Vienna-March 16, 1938 Vienna) was an Austrian writer, journalist and actor.

He died caused by suicide.

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Axel Corti

Axel Corti (May 7, 1933 Paris-December 29, 1993 Oberndorf bei Salzburg) also known as Corti, Axel was an Austrian writer, screenwriter, film director and actor. He had two children, Sebastian Corti and Claudia Vogeler.

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Joseph Kalmer

Joseph Kalmer (August 17, 1898-July 9, 1959 Vienna) was an Austrian writer.

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Johann-Georg Bendl

Johann-Georg Bendl (January 1, 1620-May 27, 1680) was an Austrian personality.

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Marie von Najmajer

Marie von Najmajer (February 3, 1844 Buda-July 25, 1904 Bad Aussee) was an Austrian writer and novelist.

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Carl Gussenbauer

Carl Gussenbauer (October 30, 1842 Obervellach-June 19, 1903 Vienna) otherwise known as Dr. Carl Gussenbauer was an Austrian physician, writer and surgeon.

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Toni Fritsch

Toni Fritsch (July 10, 1945 Petronell-Carnuntum-September 13, 2005 Vienna) was an Austrian american football player.

He died in myocardial infarction.

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Erich Probst

Erich Probst (December 5, 1927 Vienna-March 16, 1988) was an Austrian personality.

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Ernst Späth

Ernst Späth (May 14, 1886 Moravský Beroun-September 30, 1946 Zürich) was an Austrian chemist.

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Baron Karl von Hasenauer

Baron Karl von Hasenauer (July 20, 1833 Vienna-January 4, 1894 Vienna) was an Austrian architect.

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Leopold von Pebal

Leopold von Pebal (December 29, 1826 Seckau-February 17, 1887 Graz) was an Austrian chemist.

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Alfred Schütz

Alfred Schütz (April 13, 1899 Vienna-May 20, 1959 New York City) also known as Alfred Schutz was an Austrian philosopher. His children are called Evelyn Schutz and George Schutz.

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Erich Wolfgang Korngold

Erich Wolfgang Korngold (May 29, 1897 Brno-November 29, 1957 Hollywood) also known as Erich Korngold, Korngold or Eric Korngold was an Austrian composer and conductor.

Discography: The Adventures of Robin Hood (Moscow Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor William Stromberg), The Film Music of Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Captain Blood, The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Sea Hawk - Previn Conducts Korngold, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Die tote Stadt (Royal Swedish Opera Chorus and Orchestra feat. conductor: Leif Segerstam), The String Quartets (Doric String Quartet), Symphony in F-sharp major / Einfache Lieder / Mariettas Lied (The Philadelphia Orchestra feat. conductor: Franz Welser-Möst, soprano: Barbara Hendricks) and The Sea Hawk. His related genres: Film score, 20th-century classical music and Opera.

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Ignaz Brüll

Ignaz Brüll (November 7, 1846 Prostějov-September 17, 1907 Vienna) also known as Ignaz Brull was an Austrian personality.

His most important albums: The Romantic Piano Concerto, Volume 20: Piano Concerto no. 1, op. 10 / Piano Concerto no. 2, op. 24 / Andante and Allegro, op. 88.

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Maximilian III, Archduke of Austria

Maximilian III, Archduke of Austria (October 12, 1558 Wiener Neustadt-November 2, 1618 Vienna) was an Austrian personality.

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Michael Umlauf

Michael Umlauf (August 9, 1781 Vienna-June 20, 1842) was an Austrian conductor.

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Franz Bistricky

Franz Bistricky (July 26, 1914-May 7, 1975) was an Austrian personality.

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Eduard von Hofmann

Eduard von Hofmann (January 27, 1837 Prague-August 27, 1897 Opatija) was an Austrian personality.

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Emil Steinbach

Emil Steinbach (June 11, 1846 Austrian Empire-May 26, 1907 Purkersdorf) was an Austrian personality.

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Emil Zuckerkandl

Emil Zuckerkandl (September 1, 1849 Győr-May 28, 1910 Vienna) was an Austrian personality.

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