Austrian musicians died at 77

Here are 17 famous musicians from Austria died at 77:

Franz S. Exner

Franz S. Exner (March 24, 1849 Vienna-October 15, 1926 Vienna) also known as Franz Exner was an Austrian physicist.

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Friedrich Kraus

Friedrich Kraus (May 31, 1858 Děčín-March 1, 1936 Berlin) also known as Dr. Friedrich Kraus was an Austrian physician.

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Joseph Haydn

Joseph Haydn (March 31, 1732 Rohrau-May 31, 1809 Vienna) also known as Haynd, Franz Josepf Haydn, Franz Josef Haydn, Joseph Hayden, Franz Haydn, Franz Joseph Haydn, J. Haydn, Haydn, F. J. Haydn, Papa, Father of the Symphony or Father of the String Quartet was an Austrian composer, violist and violinist. He had one child, Alois Anton Nikolaus Polzelli.

His albums include Piano Sonatas Nos. 40, 41, 44, 48, 52, Symphony No. 22 / Piano Concerto in D major / Symphony No. 104 (Scottish Chamber Orchestra feat. conductor: Gerard Schwarz), Die Jahreszeiten (Chor der Deutschen Oper Berlin & Berlin Philharmoniker feat. conductor: Herbert von Karajan), Symphonies no. 44 "Trauer" / no. 88 / no. 104 "London", Symphonies no. 85 "La Reine" / no. 92 "Oxford" / no. 103 "Drum Roll", The "Sturm und Drang" Symphonies, Volume 6: "Farewell" (The English Concert feat. conductor: Trevor Pinnock), Cello Concertos No. 1, No. 2 (Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra feat. conductor: János Rolla), Symphonies Nos. 96-104, String Quartets, op. 64, nos. 1, 2 and 3 and String Quartets, op. 64, nos. 4, 5 "The Lark" and 6. His related genres: Classical music, Chamber music, Opera and Art song.

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Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt

Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt (November 14, 1668 Genoa-November 16, 1745 Vienna) was an Austrian architect.

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Hubert Marischka

Hubert Marischka (August 27, 1882 Brunn am Gebirge-December 4, 1959 Vienna) also known as Hubert Josef Marischka was an Austrian screenwriter, film director, actor and opera singer. His children are called Georg Marischka, Viktor Marischka, Lisl Marischka, Franz Marischka and Tassilo Marischka.

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Willi Forst

Willi Forst (April 7, 1903 Vienna-August 11, 1980 Vienna) otherwise known as Forst, Willi, Willy Forst, Wilhelm Anton Frohs or W. Forst was an Austrian singer, film director, actor, film producer and screenwriter.

He died as a result of cancer.

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Wilhelm Hahnemann

Wilhelm Hahnemann (April 14, 1914 Vienna-August 23, 1991 Vienna) was an Austrian personality.

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Franz Binder

Franz Binder (December 1, 1911 Sankt Pölten-April 24, 1989 Vienna) was an Austrian personality.

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Ernst Stojaspal

Ernst Stojaspal (January 14, 1925 Vienna-April 3, 2002 Moulins-lès-Metz) was an Austrian personality.

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E. W. Emo

E. W. Emo (July 11, 1898 Austria-December 2, 1975 Vienna) also known as Emerich Walter Emo or Emerich Josef Wojtek was an Austrian screenwriter and film director. His child is Maria Emo.

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Kurt Krenn

Kurt Krenn (June 28, 1936 Neustift im Mühlkreis-January 25, 2014 Gerersdorf) was an Austrian personality.

He died as a result of disease.

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Adolf Lieben

Adolf Lieben (December 3, 1836 Vienna-June 6, 1914 Vienna) was an Austrian chemist.

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Fritz Spiegl

Fritz Spiegl (January 27, 1926 Austria-March 23, 2003) was an Austrian writer.

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Henri Blowitz

Henri Blowitz (December 28, 1825 Blovice-January 18, 1903) also known as A. Opper de Blowitz was an Austrian journalist.

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Otto Maria Carpeaux

Otto Maria Carpeaux (March 9, 1900 Austria-February 3, 1978) was an Austrian personality.

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Archduke John of Austria

Archduke John of Austria (January 20, 1782 Florence-May 11, 1859 Graz) also known as Johann von Österreich or Archduke Johann of Austria was an Austrian personality. He had one child, Franz, Count of Meran.

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Emil Johann Lambert Heinricher

Emil Johann Lambert Heinricher (November 14, 1856 Ljubljana-July 13, 1934 Innsbruck) was an Austrian botanist.

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