Belgian actors who were born in 1952

Here are 6 famous actors from Belgium were born in 1952:

Josse De Pauw

Josse De Pauw (March 15, 1952 Asse-) also known as Josse de Pauw or Jos De Pauw is a Belgian actor, screenwriter, film director, playwright, author and journalist.

Ronald Guttman

Ronald Guttman (August 12, 1952 Uccle-) also known as Ron Guttman is a Belgian actor, theatrical producer, film producer and entrepreneur.

Jakob Beks

Jakob Beks (December 20, 1952 Hamont-Achel-) is a Belgian actor.

Eddy Vereycken

Eddy Vereycken (September 19, 1952 Niel, Belgium-) also known as Edward Vereycken is a Belgian actor.

Luk De Konink

Luk De Konink (July 8, 1952 Belgium-) a.k.a. Luk de Konink, Luc De Koninck or Luk De Koninck is a Belgian actor. He has two children, Lena De Koninck and Els De Koninck.

Jos Verbist

Jos Verbist (June 20, 1952 Lier, Belgium-) is a Belgian actor and theatre director.

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