Belgian actors who were born in 1957

Here are 8 famous actors from Belgium were born in 1957:

Herman Brusselmans

Herman Brusselmans (October 9, 1957 Hamme-) also known as Herman Frans Martha Brusselmans is a Belgian author and actor.

Dominique Deruddere

Dominique Deruddere (June 15, 1957 Turnhout-) also known as Dominique Dereddere is a Belgian film director, cinematographer, actor, film producer and screenwriter.

Jaco Van Dormael

Jaco Van Dormael (February 9, 1957 Ixelles-) is a Belgian film director, screenwriter, playwright, film producer, cinematographer and actor. He has two children, Alice Van Dormael and Juliette Van Dormael.

Serge Larivière

Serge Larivière (December 12, 1957 Belgium-) a.k.a. Serge Lariviere is a Belgian actor.

Luk Perceval

Luk Perceval (May 30, 1957 Lommel-) is a Belgian actor, television director, screenwriter and theatre director. His child is called Jeroen Perceval.

Gilles Verlant

Gilles Verlant (June 11, 1957 Brussels-September 20, 2013 France) was a Belgian journalist and actor.

Steph Baeyens

Steph Baeyens (September 12, 1957 Korbeek-Lo-) otherwise known as Stéphane Baeyens is a Belgian actor.

Lucas Vandervost

Lucas Vandervost (December 9, 1957-) a.k.a. Lucas van der Vorst is a Belgian actor.

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