Belgian actresses who were born in 1983

Here are 7 famous actresses from Belgium were born in 1983:

Stéphanie Crayencour

Stéphanie Crayencour (December 2, 1983 Brussels-) is a Belgian actor and singer.

Marie Vinck

Marie Vinck (January 3, 1983 Antwerp-) is a Belgian actor and voice actor.

Astrid Bryan

Astrid Bryan (January 25, 1983 Antwerp-) otherwise known as Astrid Maria Maurice Nuyens Bryan Jr or Astrid Maria Maurice Nuyens is a Belgian artist, songwriter, composer, musician, singer, actor, visual artist and music artist.

Hanna Verboom

Hanna Verboom (May 11, 1983 Vilvoorde-) is a Belgian model, actor, artist and visual artist.

Maaike Neuville

Maaike Neuville (August 16, 1983 Belgium-) is a Belgian actor, film director and screenwriter.

Charlotte Vandermeersch

Charlotte Vandermeersch (November 11, 1983 Oudenaarde-) is a Belgian actor.

Leen Dendievel

Leen Dendievel (December 1, 1983 Kortrijk-) is a Belgian actor.

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