Belgian musicians who were born in 1960

Here are 5 famous musicians from Belgium were born in 1960:

Dirk Brossé

Dirk Brossé (February 16, 1960 Heusden, Belgium-) also known as Dirk Brosse or Brossé, Dirk is a Belgian conductor, composer and film score composer.

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Maurane (November 12, 1960 Ixelles-) also known as Mauranne, Claudine Luypaerts or Claude Maurane is a Belgian singer and actor. She has one child, .

Her discography includes: L'Un pour l'autre, À l'Olympia, Une fille très scène, Toi du monde, Ami ou ennemi, Toutes les mamas, Maurane, Quand l'humain danse, Danser and Différente.

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Bart Kaëll

Bart Kaëll (August 2, 1960 Oudenaarde-) also known as Bart Kaell, Bart Kaël, Kaëll, Bart or Bart Kael is a Belgian , .

His albums include Noord & zuid and Het beste van.

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Sonia Dronier

Sonia Dronier (October 7, 1960 Lorient-) a.k.a. Viktor Lazlo, Victor Laszlo, Victor Lazlo, V. Lazlo or Lazlo, Viktor is a Belgian singer and actor.

Her albums include Back to Front, Canoë Rose, Club désert, My Delicious Poisons, Saga, Verso, Viktor Lazlo, She, Hot & Soul and Sweet, Soft & Lazy.

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Geert Hoste

Geert Hoste (July 1, 1960 Bruges-) a.k.a. Hoste, Geert is a Belgian , .

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