Belgian musicians who were born in 1969

Here are 7 famous musicians from Belgium were born in 1969:

Wim Opbrouck

Wim Opbrouck (February 5, 1969 Bavikhove-) also known as Opbrouck, Wim is a Belgian actor and singer.

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Helmut Lotti

Helmut Lotti (October 22, 1969 Ghent-) otherwise known as Helmut Lotigiers or Helmut Barthold Johannes Alma Lotigiers is a Belgian singer-songwriter and opera singer. His child is Messalina Lotigiers.

Discography: The Crooners, Meine geliebte Klassik, Romantic, Memories, Les Classiques II, Latino Love Songs, Goes Classic III, Goes Classic Final Edition, A Special Christmas With Helmut Lotti and A Classical Christmas with Helmut Lotti. Genres he performed include Pop music, Easy listening, Classical music and Rock and roll.

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Helena Noguerra

Helena Noguerra (May 18, 1969 Brussels-) also known as Helena Noguera, Héléna Noguerra or Helena is a Belgian actor, singer and presenter.

Her albums include Projet : Bikini, Fraise vanille, Née dans la nature, Azul, L'Héroïne au bain, Bayonetta Original SoundTrack - Rodin's Selection, Année zéro and .

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Stéphane Ginsburgh

Stéphane Ginsburgh (November 27, 1969 Brussels-) a.k.a. Stephane Ginsburgh is a Belgian , .

Genres he performed: Electronic music, Classical music and 20th-century classical music.

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Stéphane Galland

Stéphane Galland (October 27, 1969-) a.k.a. Stephane Galland is a Belgian , .

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Didier François

Didier François (April 2, 1969 Brussels-) is a Belgian , .

His albums: and Alicantes.

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Alana Dante

Alana Dante (December 1, 1969 Belgium-) also known as Christel Hoogewijs is a Belgian , .

Her albums include Breaking Out, Disco-Suppa-Girl, Get Ready for the Sunsand, The Life of the Party, Star for a Night, Disco-Suppa-Girl, Take Me for a Ride, Think Twice and Attention To Me.

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