Belgian musicians who were born in 1977

Here are 7 famous musicians from Belgium were born in 1977:

Dave McCullen

Dave McCullen (December 28, 1977 Belgium-) otherwise known as David Vervoort, Vervoort, David or Dave Mc Cullen is a Belgian , .

His albums include B*tch.

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Kira (May 3, 1977 Affligem-) is a Belgian singer and model.

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Melody (January 20, 1977 Belgium-) a.k.a. Nathalie Lefebvre is a Belgian singer.

Genres: Pop music.

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Nathalie Pâque

Nathalie Pâque (May 11, 1977 Liège-) a.k.a. Nathalie Paque is a Belgian singer.

Genres she performed: Pop music.

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Barbara Tausia

Barbara Tausia (July 8, 1977 Charleroi-) also known as Barbara Anelka Tausia is a Belgian disc jockey, model and dancer. She has two children, Kais Anelka and Kahil Anelka.

Genres she performed: House music, Trance music, Dance music and Eurodance.

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Tim Vanhamel

Tim Vanhamel (December 11, 1977 Zonhoven-) also known as Tim van Hamel, Vanhamel, Tim, Tim Wessel Vanhamel or Tipover is a Belgian musician and songwriter.

Related albums: Welcome to the Blue House. Genres he performed include Alternative rock.

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Tina Bride

Tina Bride (December 23, 1977 Sint-Truiden-) is a Belgian singer.

Her most well known albums: Don't Give Up.

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