Belgian music stars who deceased at age 46

Here are 5 famous musicians from Belgium died at 46:

Adolphe Van Tiggelen

Adolphe Van Tiggelen (April 5, 2015-April 5, 1969) was a Belgian scientist.

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Rita Demeester

Rita Demeester (September 26, 1946 Roeselare-January 29, 1993 Genk) was a Belgian writer.

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Jules Lowie

Jules Lowie (October 6, 1913 Kruishoutem-August 2, 1960 Deinze) was a Belgian personality.

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Philippe Volter

Philippe Volter (March 23, 1959 Uccle-April 13, 2005 Paris) also known as Phillipe Volter or Philippe Wolter was a Belgian actor.

He died as a result of suicide.

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Patrick Van Antwerpen

Patrick Van Antwerpen (May 17, 1944 Ixelles-December 3, 1990 Ixelles) a.k.a. Patrick Fernand Albert van Antwerpen was a Belgian author, filmmaker, film director and screenwriter.

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