Belgian music stars who deceased at age 50

Here are 10 famous musicians from Belgium died at 50:

Léon Houa

Léon Houa (November 8, 1867 Belgium-January 31, 1918) otherwise known as Leon Houa was a Belgian personality.

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Max Houben

Max Houben (May 5, 1898 Verviers-February 10, 1949 Lake Placid) was a Belgian race car driver. He had one child, Claude Houben.

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Désiré Keteleer

Désiré Keteleer (June 13, 1920 Anderlecht-September 17, 1970 Rebecq) was a Belgian personality.

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Edouard van Remoortel

Edouard van Remoortel (May 30, 1926-May 16, 1977) was a Belgian conductor.

His albums include Saint-Saens / Ravel.

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Frans-Andries Durlet

Frans-Andries Durlet (July 11, 1816 Antwerp-March 2, 1867 Antwerp) was a Belgian architect.

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Georges Lemmen

Georges Lemmen (November 25, 1865 Schaerbeek-July 1, 1916 Brussels) was a Belgian artist and visual artist.

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Robert van Genechten

Robert van Genechten (October 25, 1895 Antwerp-December 13, 1945 Scheveningen) was a Belgian personality.

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Jules de Trooz

Jules de Trooz (February 21, 1857 Leuven-December 31, 1907 Brussels) was a Belgian personality.

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Edward José

Edward José (April 5, 1880 Antwerp-December 18, 1930 Nice) was a Belgian actor, film director and screenwriter.

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Guilielmus Messaus

Guilielmus Messaus (July 2, 1589 Antwerp-March 8, 1640 Antwerp) a.k.a. Guilielmus Messaulx or Guilielmus Missau was a Belgian composer.

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