Belgian music stars who deceased at age 52

Here are 9 famous musicians from Belgium died at 52:

Germinal Pierre Dandelin

Germinal Pierre Dandelin (April 12, 1794 France-February 15, 1847) was a Belgian scientist, engineer and mathematician.

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Johannes Stadius

Johannes Stadius (May 1, 1527-June 17, 1579) was a Belgian scientist and astrologer.

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Henri De Deken

Henri De Deken (August 3, 1907 Belgium-February 12, 1960) was a Belgian personality.

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Lei Clijsters

Lei Clijsters (November 9, 1956 Bree-January 4, 2009 Meeuwen-Gruitrode) also known as Leo Albert Jozef Clijsters was a Belgian manager and football player. His children are called Kim Clijsters and Elke Clijsters.

He died caused by skin cancer.

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Marcel Broodthaers

Marcel Broodthaers (January 28, 1924 Brussels-January 28, 1976 Cologne) also known as Marcel. Broodthaers was a Belgian personality. He had one child, Sylvie Van Hiel.

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Lieven Bauwens

Lieven Bauwens (June 14, 1769 Ghent-March 17, 1822) was a Belgian engineer.

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Jan Peeters I

Jan Peeters I (April 24, 1624 Antwerp-April 5, 1677 Antwerp) was a Belgian personality.

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Jules de Burlet

Jules de Burlet (April 10, 1844 Ixelles-March 1, 1897 Nivelles) was a Belgian personality.

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Jozef Van Lerius

Jozef Van Lerius (December 23, 1823 Boom-February 29, 1876 Mechelen) was a Belgian painter.

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