Belgian music stars who deceased at age 55

Here are 12 famous musicians from Belgium died at 55:

Jan Yoors

Jan Yoors (April 12, 1922 Antwerp-November 27, 1977) was a Belgian photographer and painter.

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Julien Dillens

Julien Dillens (June 8, 1849 Antwerp-November 1, 1904) was a Belgian personality.

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Maurice De Waele

Maurice De Waele (December 27, 1896 Lovendegem-February 14, 1952 Maldegem) was a Belgian professional road racing cyclist.

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Dupa (February 12, 1945 Montignies-sur-Sambre-November 8, 2000 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve) was a Belgian personality.

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Charles Plisnier

Charles Plisnier (December 13, 1896-July 17, 1952 Brussels) was a Belgian personality.

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Pierre Baugniet

Pierre Baugniet (July 23, 1925 Antwerp-April 5, 1981) was a Belgian personality.

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André Ernotte

André Ernotte (June 3, 1943 Liège-March 8, 1999 New York City) also known as Andre Ernotte or Andre Gilbert Ernotte was a Belgian film director, screenwriter, actor and theatre director.

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Clément Doucet

Clément Doucet (April 9, 1895 Brussels-October 15, 1950 Brussels) a.k.a. Clement Doucet was a Belgian film score composer.

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John Fitzmaurice

John Fitzmaurice (November 18, 1947-September 1, 2003) was a Belgian writer and politician.

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Guillaume de Sax

Guillaume de Sax (December 23, 1889 Belgium-November 6, 1945 Paris) also known as Guillaume Henri Robert de Segur Lamoignon or Guillaume de Saxe was a Belgian actor.

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André-Napoléon Fontainas

André-Napoléon Fontainas (December 23, 1807 Brussels-July 19, 1863 Brussels) was a Belgian politician.

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Paul Hoornaert

Paul Hoornaert (November 5, 1888 Liège-February 2, 1944 Fort Breendonk) was a Belgian personality.

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