Belgian music stars who deceased at age 64

Here are 20 famous musicians from Belgium died at 64:


Peyo (June 25, 1928 Brussels-December 24, 1992 Brussels) also known as Pierre Culliford was a Belgian cartoonist, film director and screenwriter.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Edouard Van Beneden

Edouard Van Beneden (March 5, 1846 Leuven-April 28, 1910 Liège) was a Belgian scientist and biologist.

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Jean-Michel Charlier

Jean-Michel Charlier (October 30, 1924 Liège-July 10, 1989 Saint-Cloud) also known as J. M. Charlier or J.M. Charlier was a Belgian cartoonist and screenwriter.

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André Vandernoot

André Vandernoot (June 2, 1927 Belgium-November 6, 1991) also known as Andre Vandernoot or Vandernoot, André was a Belgian conductor. He had one child, Alexandra Vandernoot.

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Lucien Victor

Lucien Victor (June 28, 1931 Oekene-September 17, 1995 Sedan) also known as Lucien Honore Victor was a Belgian personality.

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Louis Saeys

Louis Saeys (November 26, 1887 Bruges-June 2, 1952 Bruges) was a Belgian personality.

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Jan Baptist van Helmont

Jan Baptist van Helmont (January 12, 1580 Brussels-December 30, 1644 Vilvoorde) otherwise known as Jean-Baptiste van Helmont, Johannes Baptista van Helmont, Johann Baptista von Helmont or Joan Baptista van Helmont was a Belgian physician, chemist and physiologist.

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Maurice Geldhof

Maurice Geldhof (October 22, 1905-April 26, 1970) was a Belgian personality.

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Alexandre Galopin

Alexandre Galopin (September 26, 1879 Ghent-February 28, 1944 Etterbeek) was a Belgian businessperson.

He died caused by murder.

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Louis De Geer

Louis De Geer (November 17, 1587 Liège-June 19, 1652 Amsterdam) was a Belgian nobleman and businessperson.

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Paul Spaak

Paul Spaak (July 5, 1871 Ixelles-May 8, 1936 Brussels) was a Belgian lawyer and playwright. He had three children, Charles Spaak, Paul-Henri Spaak and Claude Spaak.

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Henri Simonet

Henri Simonet (May 10, 1931 Brussels-February 15, 1996) was a Belgian politician. He had one child, Jacques Simonet.

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Paul de Man

Paul de Man (December 6, 1919 Antwerp-December 21, 1983 New Haven) also known as Paul Man was a Belgian philosopher.

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Jules Bara

Jules Bara (August 23, 1835 Tournai-June 26, 1900 Brussels) was a Belgian writer and politician.

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Charles de Brouckère

Charles de Brouckère (January 18, 1796 Bruges-April 20, 1860 Brussels) was a Belgian personality.

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Fernand Gravey

Fernand Gravey (December 25, 1905 Ixelles-November 2, 1970 Paris) also known as Fernand Mertens, Fernand Gravet or Fernand Maurice Noël Mertens was a Belgian actor.

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Théo van Rysselberghe

Théo van Rysselberghe (November 23, 1862 Ghent-December 14, 1926 Var) also known as Theo van Rysselberghe was a Belgian personality.

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Maïté Nahyr

Maïté Nahyr (October 25, 1947 Wilrijk-August 19, 2012 Marseille) also known as Nahyr Noemi Marguerit Meerbergen was a Belgian actor.

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André-Eugène Pirson

André-Eugène Pirson (March 21, 1817 Dinant-December 28, 1881 Brussels) was a Belgian personality.

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Marguerite Legot

Marguerite Legot (March 9, 1913 Oudenaarde-May 7, 1977 Brussels) was a Belgian politician.

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