Belgian music stars who deceased at age 75

Here are 18 famous musicians from Belgium died at 75:


Hergé (May 22, 1907 Etterbeek-March 3, 1983 Brussels) also known as Herge, Georges Remi, Georges Prosper Remi, Curious Fox, Jérémie or Jérémiades was a Belgian author, cartoonist, artist and visual artist.

His albums: , , , , , , and .

He died caused by leukemia.

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Jean Roba

Jean Roba (July 28, 1930 Schaerbeek-June 14, 2006 Brussels) was a Belgian cartoonist.

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André Pilette

André Pilette (October 6, 1918 Paris-December 27, 1993 Etterbeek) also known as Andre Pilette was a Belgian race car driver.

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Jean Rossius

Jean Rossius (December 27, 1890 Soumagne-May 2, 1966) was a Belgian professional road racing cyclist.

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Robert Braet

Robert Braet (February 11, 1912 Bruges-February 23, 1987 Bruges) was a Belgian personality.

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Sidney Nolan

Sidney Nolan (April 22, 1917 Carlton-November 28, 1992 London) was a Belgian painter.

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Henri Van Lerberghe

Henri Van Lerberghe (January 29, 1891 Belgium-April 10, 1966) was a Belgian personality.

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Albéric Collin

Albéric Collin (April 6, 1886 Antwerp-February 27, 1962) was a Belgian personality.

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Herman Baltia

Herman Baltia (September 1, 1863 Brussels-September 16, 1938 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode) was a Belgian politician.

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Charles Liedts

Charles Liedts (December 2, 1802 Oudenaarde-March 21, 1878 Brussels) was a Belgian politician.

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Paul Hymans

Paul Hymans (March 23, 1865 Ixelles-March 8, 1941 Nice) was a Belgian politician.

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Jacques Castelot

Jacques Castelot (July 11, 1914 Antwerp-August 25, 1989 Paris) also known as Jacques Storms, Jacques Castellot or Jacques Marie Paul Éloi Storms was a Belgian actor.

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Lucien Goethals

Lucien Goethals (June 26, 1931 Ghent-December 12, 2006 Ghent) was a Belgian film score composer and composer.

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John Michael Rysbrack

John Michael Rysbrack (June 27, 1694 Antwerp-January 8, 1770 Vere Street, Westminster) also known as Johannes Michel or Jan Michiel Rijsbrack was a Belgian sculptor.

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Eddy Meeùs

Eddy Meeùs (December 15, 1925 Antwerp-November 24, 2001) was a Belgian businessperson.

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Jan van Beers

Jan van Beers (March 27, 1852 Lier, Belgium-November 17, 1927 Fay-aux-Loges) otherwise known as Jean Marie Constantin Joseph van Beers or Jan van Beers the younger was a Belgian painter and illustrator.

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Albert Lilar

Albert Lilar (December 21, 1900 Antwerp-March 16, 1976) was a Belgian politician. He had one child, Françoise Mallet-Joris.

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Norbert Hougardy

Norbert Hougardy (November 1, 1909 Etterbeek-January 3, 1985 Marbella) was a Belgian politician.

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