Belgian music stars died as a result of Cancer

Here are 3 famous musicians from Belgium died in Cancer:

Pierre Van Dormael

Pierre Van Dormael (May 24, 1952 Brussels-September 3, 2008 Brussels) was a Belgian film score composer, musician and composer.

His albums: Vivaces, Toto le héros, Djigui, Solos Duos, Mr. Nobody and .

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Jean Vallee

Jean Vallee (October 2, 1941 Verviers-March 12, 2014 Thimister-Clermont) a.k.a. Jean Vallée or Paul Goeder was a Belgian singer.

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Pierre Rapsat

Pierre Rapsat (May 28, 1948 Belgium-April 20, 2002 Verviers) was a Belgian singer-songwriter.

His discography includes: Ligne claire / Haut les Mains, Volte-face, Brasero, Tous les rêves..., Dazibao, Donner tout son cœur, 1980, J'aime ça, Soleil noir and Animal. Genres he performed include Pop music.

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