Brazilian movie actors born in the year 1931

Here are 6 famous actors from Brazil were born in 1931:

Ruy Guerra

Ruy Guerra (August 22, 1931 Maputo-) a.k.a. Ruy Alexandre Guerra Coelho Pereira is a Brazilian film director, actor, screenwriter, film editor, poet, dramaturge, film producer, teacher, cinematographer, television director and production designer. He has two children, Dandara Guerra and Janaína Diniz Guerra.

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Chico Anysio

Chico Anysio (April 12, 1931 Maranguape-March 23, 2012 Rio de Janeiro) also known as Francisco Anysio de Oliveira Paula Filho, Francisco Anísio, Chico Anísio, Francisco Anysio or Francisco Anizio was a Brazilian actor, screenwriter, composer and comedian. His children are called Lug de Paula, Nizo Netto, Cícero Chaves, Rico Rondelli, André Lucas, Rodrigo Anysio, Vitória Anysio and Bruno Mazzeo.

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Wesley Duke Lee

Wesley Duke Lee (December 21, 1931 São Paulo-September 12, 2010 São Paulo) was a Brazilian actor and set decorator.

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Breno Mello

Breno Mello (September 7, 1931 Porto Alegre-July 11, 2008 Porto Alegre) also known as Breno Higino de Mello was a Brazilian actor and football player. His child is called Letícia Mello.

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Rubens de Falco

Rubens de Falco (October 19, 1931 São Paulo-February 22, 2008 São Paulo) a.k.a. Rubens de Falco da Costa or Rubens Costa was a Brazilian actor.

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Ary Fernandes

Ary Fernandes (March 31, 1931 São Paulo-August 29, 2010 São Paulo) was a Brazilian film director, actor, film producer, screenwriter, cinematographer and film score composer. He had two children, Vania Fernandes and Fernando Fernandes.

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