Brazilian movie actors born in the year 1967

Here are 6 famous actors from Brazil were born in 1967:

Garcia Júnior

Garcia Júnior (March 2, 1967 São Paulo-) a.k.a. Manoel Garcia Júnior or Garcia Jr is a Brazilian dubbing director, voice actor, actor and translator.

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Guilherme Fontes

Guilherme Fontes (January 8, 1967 Petrópolis-) also known as Guilherme Machado Cardoso Fontes is a Brazilian actor. He has two children, Carolina Fontes and Carlos Fontes.

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Fernando Ramos Da Silva

Fernando Ramos Da Silva (November 29, 1967 São Paulo-August 25, 1987 São Paulo) a.k.a. Fernando Ramos or Pixote was a Brazilian actor.

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Toni Garrido

Toni Garrido (September 7, 1967 Belford Roxo, Rio de Janeiro-) a.k.a. Antonio Bento da Silva Filho is a Brazilian actor, singer and television presenter. He has two children, Vitória Garrido and Isadora Garrido.

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Paulinho Moska

Paulinho Moska (August 27, 1967 Rio de Janeiro-) also known as Moska, Paulo Moska or Paulo Corrêa de Araujo is a Brazilian actor.

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Marcelo Serrado

Marcelo Serrado (February 10, 1967 Rio de Janeiro-) is a Brazilian actor and pianist. His children are called Catarina Mandelli Serrado, Felipe Serrado and Guilherme Serrado.

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