Brazilian movie actors born in the year 1969

Here are 6 famous actors from Brazil were born in 1969:

Matheus Nachtergaele

Matheus Nachtergaele (January 3, 1969 São Paulo-) also known as Matheus Nachetergaele is a Brazilian actor, film director, screenwriter, writer, film score composer and film producer.

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Marcos Pasquim

Marcos Pasquim (June 14, 1969 São Paulo-) is a Brazilian actor.

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Massimiliano Antonio Cavalera

Massimiliano Antonio Cavalera (August 4, 1969 Belo Horizonte-) also known as Max Cavalera or Cavalera, Max is a Brazilian singer, musician, guitarist, songwriter, singer-songwriter, actor and voice actor.

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Paulo Szot

Paulo Szot (July 7, 1969 São Paulo-) is a Brazilian actor and singer.

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David Brazil

David Brazil (July 25, 1969 Recife-) is a Brazilian actor and promoter.

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Charles Paraventi

Charles Paraventi (July 4, 1969 New York City-) also known as Charles Adrian Paraventi Essabbá is a Brazilian actor.

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