Brazilian movie stars died in Lung cancer

Here are 3 famous actors from Brazil died in Lung cancer:


Cazuza (April 4, 1958 Rio de Janeiro-July 7, 1990 Rio de Janeiro) otherwise known as Agenor Miranda Araújo Neto or Agenor de Miranda Araújo Neto was a Brazilian singer, songwriter, film score composer and actor.

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Paulo Autran

Paulo Autran (September 7, 1922 Rio de Janeiro-October 12, 2007 São Paulo) also known as Paulo Paquet Autran or Lord of the Stage was a Brazilian actor and lawyer.

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Geraldo Del Rey

Geraldo Del Rey (October 29, 1930 Ilhéus-April 25, 1993 São Paulo) also known as Geraldo Del Rey Silva or The Brazilian Alain Delon was a Brazilian actor. His child is called Fabiano Carvalho Del Rey.

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